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Alla Land

Writer, Certified Forest Therapy Guide


Dear Reader!

My name is Alla Land, and I am the author of "Transplanted".

It was published in Russia in 2022 and has been very successful.

I am a Russian-Ukrainian woman who was deprived of my son and the man I loved. All my possessions were sold due to the medical bills for my family.

 I felt powerless and stuck in the life I was living. One day, I walked away from my oppressive situation with no money or plan, just a one-way ticket, simply following my heart

About the book

Throughout my worldwide travels, every country was like a spiritual initiation—I learned about love in Hawaii, freedom in Mexico, and femininity in the Azores. Miami, where I happened to meet Tony Robbins, taught me about success and leadership, and Puerto Rico showed me that happiness is a choice. Sweden offered a lesson on the importance of childhood dreams, and an encounter with a shaman in Siberia put me back in contact with the value of roots and family. One of the most important lessons came from the city of Wuhan during my travels in China. Wuhan changed my life, and a year later, it changed the life of the whole planet.

This is a book about how a single person who is genuinely alive can change the course of history. Even their own history to begin with.

Millions of people are living through similarly oppressive experiences right now, not just in Ukraine and Russia: all immigrants and people in a period of a profound transition in their life can relate to this story.

I believe this book has the potential to become a raft that will help those trapped in life hurricanes keep swimming through this ocean of life.

About Alla Land



The book "Transplanted", has been published in 2022 in Russia. It is not just my personal story of meeting the planet and myself, living through grief, loss and turbulence, but also I believe a great literature pleasure for all who love adventures.  I still sometimes hardly believe that one ordinary girl like me will be able to accomplish what I did alone

 As a certified Forest Therapy Guide, my book offers a unique perspective on the importance of how returning to our inner ecology can heal outside ecology. Once published, each book sold will result in one tree planted.

Trees as an important symbol of hope, both on a personal and global scale.

Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Forest therapy is a unique profession where scientific knowledge about the connection between Humanity and Nature is combined with the ancient knowledge of the Aboriginal People. A practice that began in Japan as Shrinking-Yoku (Forest Bathing) was developed in North America to help with grief, creativity and any spiritual questions of human life.

You are welcome to experience my Forest Therapy Walks and Retreats here:


Studying the history of  Doukhobors in Canada

It happened that I live in the heart of the settlement of Russian Doukhobors in Canada. They were the first group of people that refused to go to any army and any war. They were expulsion from Russia and Leo Tolstoy helped them to move to Canada. The Canadian government took away their children to residential schools so kids can forget the Russian language. 


 The Doukhobor's stories gave me so much strength in my life that I want their story to be heard.

 The MIR Center that was created by Doukhobors means PEACE in Russian. Some of my trees will be planted there.

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