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Alla Land


I grew up in the south of Russia, where I lived until the age of thirty, taking care of my son and working as an economist and marketer. 

At the age of 30, a series of difficult events occurred in my life and I left the house with one suitcase. Or rather, there was no home: my whole old world crumbled to smithereens.

I got on the Moscow - New York plane without a plan, without support, money and knowledge of the language, and what happened next is about this in my book "Transfer Day". 

Russian Doukhobors in Canada taught me their wisdom, and the open Pacific Ocean, and the deserted beaches of Brazil, and even the city where the 2020 pandemic came from - Wuhan, China.

After traveling around the world, I was trained as a Forest Therapist and in my plans to plant more than one forest thanks to the readers.

My book is about love, for yourself, for the planet, for life.

Enjoy reading!


About Alla

 - Certified Forest Therapist (Shinrin-Yoku)


- Organizer of author's retreats according to the method of Forest Therapy

- Certified  provide first aid in the wild

- Writer

In numbers

 60+ countries on foot, transfers and sails

100+ trees planted

Let's plant a million!

Why is it important to plant trees?

- What is Forest Therapy ?

- Who are the Doukhobors and why did Leo Tolstoy consider them people of the third millennium?

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