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Туман и Природа

Alla Land

Writer, Forest Therapist

  • Organization of extreme tourism on Vancouver Island and in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia

  •   Journeys to the settlement of Russian Doukhobors in Canada  

  •   60+ countries on foot, sail and drive

  • Certified Forest Therapist  (Shinrin - Yoku) (Japan/Canada)

  • book author  "Transplant Day"

About me

I was born in the South of Russia, graduated from higher education in banking and even worked at the Bank of Russia at one time.  

Nothing foreshadowed that at the age of thirty I would leave home with one suitcase, see more than sixty countries, emigrate to Canada, settle among Russian Doukhobors, and even more so I would become a Forest Therapist and begin my journey to a trillion. A trillion trees.

About this journey and the path is my book, which you can buy from me directly. And I will definitely plant a tree for every reader!

Directions of my activity


Forest Therapist

Studying the history of Russian Dukhobors

The book "Transplant Day" is my personal story of meeting the planet and myself, living through grief, loss and turbulence. That I am an ordinary girl  I will be able to end up in Brazil, and even Chinese Wuhan and move to Canada, I will live among Russian Doukhobors and carry millionaires from the Forbes list to glaciers by helicopter, which would have seemed to me an invention back in thirty years.  

It all happened when I trusted life, looking for the answer to the main question of man, according to Einstein: is the universe a friendly sphere?

Forest therapy for me is a unique niche where the scientific knowledge of the interaction between man and Nature is combined with the ancient knowledge of the Indians. A science that began in Japan as Shrinking-Yoku (Forest Baths), where the effects of time on nature and human physical health were studied, has evolved in North America into dealing with human feelings.

Why I love Forest Therapy - everyone gets exactly what they came for. This is magic, a new way to live reality and return to yourself. Each session is unique, but multi-day retreats have the greatest effect on a person’s life, where I add my author’s methods, such as working with fears and blocks in the night forest, developing potential and creativity, through special Invitations.

It so happened that I live in the heart of the settlement of Russian Doukhobors in Canada, their amazing story of expulsion from Russia and moving to Canada with the help of Leo Tolstoy, grief from the fact that Canada took away their children so that they would forget the Russian language and that fortitude and faith gave me so much strength on the way that I want the story to be heard. I need any support along the way, from the director, screenwriter, cameramen to patrons. 

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