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The trip around the world described in the book is unusual: in fact, this is a book about how to get home.  

Transplant day

Have you ever wanted to leave the house one day, take a one-way ticket and not look back?

This is the story of a round-the-world trip of an ordinary Russian girl who once left home with one suitcase, emigrated to Canada, lived with Russian Doukhobors, on the prairies of Alaska Highway, sailed in Mexico and searched for answers about love and life from Brazil to China, and even in Wuhan.  

A story of desperation, courage, love and a huge dream - to plant a million trees. This is a living book. Do you hear how she calls? 

Every book plants a tree


“Sing that song that is so hard to even whisper. Dial that phone, from the number of which burns in the chest. Plant a tree of new life and let the ashes of the past be the fertilizer that nourishes your tomorrow. What you are looking for is looking for you.”

"Transplant Day" Alla Land


“Real freedom, like an experienced mechanic, will check all the deposits of your fears, the ropes of addictions, tanks of grievances, it will make you clear all the internal latrines before releasing you into the ocean of Life. Real freedom is pleasant only where your whole being lives simply, honestly, industriously and gratefully.”

"Transplant Day" Alla Land


Olga Stepanova

A special gift for the ability to convey feelings, words and emotions through text, to describe events under one's own knot and perception. Laugh, cry, think with you


Mikhail Moldovanov

This book is a shock, for me personally it’s like a reboot, I’m suffocating this is not a word, it can be simply unbearable, I thank you for the vivid feelings and consonance bordering on an explosion of those energies that were like in a paddock for wild and free horses ...


Lily Flanagan

I can’t confuse your style with anyone! I read, empathize, understand and admire the ability to build not just a line of narration, but reasoning thinker, philosopher, Man of a big heart and special consciousness, there would be more of these

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I plan to plant forests in Russia, write a book about Forest Therapy, create a colorful program about Forest Therapy for children.  

Also, a film and a book about Russian Doukhobors and love, a school of forest therapy in Russia, are waiting for their turn.

These projects can become a reality thanks to you!



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